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And then,

there was
St. Louis Says.

The patron saint of personal care, offering haircare to believe in.

For a hair day that makes the clouds part so the sun can shine just on you. Time stops. The cosmos hovers. The world is watching. A thousand blossoms bloom with every hair toss and a choir sings in harmony with every flick. A palomino horse neighs with envy at your hair’s healthy shine, because there are no sinful ingredients found here. Only miracles.

At St. Louis Says, our divine purpose is to make quality haircare accessible to all Australians.

Co-founders, long-time friends and devoted hair enthusiasts Tim and Adrian discovered the true power of haircare after launching Twin Palms on James Street, Brisbane in 2017. Like their approach to a good haircut, they wanted to create a haircare brand that could deliver a delightful experience while also providing salon-grade quality and aesthetically pleasing design, without nasty ingredients or high prices.

“We’re guiding people to a more confident and elevated self and place. Hair heaven.” 

- Founders Tim & Adrian

St. Louis Says is paraben, sulphate and guilt free. We turn your bathroom into a paradise with high-quality vegan formulations made for a more effective and gentle clean. Rejoice in feelings of ecstasy, a healthier scalp, stronger hair, improved moisture balance, and better overall hair appearance and texture.

The ethos behind St. Louis Says is that you don’t have to compromise on price or aesthetic to get the quality you deserve. 

As the patron saint of personal care, we make miracle products so that anyone can enter the golden gates. Welcome to hair heaven.

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