Moisture Repair Duo

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Nourishing and hydrating shampoo and conditioner for all hair types.

Did it hurt? When your comb wouldn’t run through your hair? Tame the unbrushable with our Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Deeply nourishing for smooth, tangle-free hair. Hydration improves frizz and rough texture. Expect hydrated, healthy strands from this saintly bottle.

Hydrates dry hair.
Reduces frizz & static.
Nourishes damaged strands.

Quinoa Seed Extract - High in vitamins E and B (folate, thiamine, and riboflavin), as well as minerals magnesium, iron, and zinc. These nutrients feed the hair follicles and promote healthy hair.
Soybean oil: Essential fatty acids moisturise to support healthy hair follicles and strengthen strands.
Panthenol: Smooths out imperfections in dry, rough hair shafts for softer, moisturised hair.

Dry hair, brittle strands, frizz, dullness, or seeking shine. 

The sensual, sophisticated scent of leather, formed in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Woody and mysterious.



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